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I’m thinking of taking a leave of absence from my work for a year or two so I can go abroad and nanny……..the question is am I running away from my life or trying to enhance it??

Why do I want to go to another country when I’m in a job I love? I guess I’m in a bit of a rut……not at work, just in life in general.

My children have all grown up and don’t need me anymore. My friends and family are great, I go to fitness classes which I really enjoy and I’m in a few meetup groups which are fun.

Recently though my life has become flat….I’ve lost my sparkle…..this coincides with being lied to yet again by someone who promised me they would always tell me the truth…..no matter what.

It all began about 4 years ago when I met JC….. let’s call him jag man. We met online and went out for dinner after we had both not long stopped seeing people. Jag man wasn’t really my usual type, we met up as friends but that soon became more as I got to know him better. He’d led an interesting life….he worked as a manager of a refrigeration company. He was an ex Navy officer who did some freelance work teaching evasive driving. He had separated from his wife who was an alcoholic……..he had custody of their 11 year old daughter.  He was a perfect gentleman, always opening doors and wanting to pay for everything ( not that I let him, I have a thing about fairness) He was very complimentary, always telling me how good I looked and what a lovely person I was. He met my friends and family. He asked if I wanted to meet his daughter, I said not yet as he was just out of a relationship where he & his daughter were supposed to be moving in with the girlfriend. We had to give his daughter a bit of time.  He also had an older son from a previous relationship who lived in Perth. The son was a solicitor who had turned his back on law to become a tattooing. Jag man was really annoyed at this, I thought it showed great strength of character to turn your back on the great job and money to do something you really loved..

Things were great for the first wee while then I started having the feeling that something wasn’t quite right….I couldn’t put my finger on it, it was just a feeling. I asked jag man on a number of occasions if everything was alright, if perhaps there was something he was keeping from me? He looked into my eyes and reassured me that everything was great and he wasn’t keeping anything from me……….I believed him……..why wouldn’t I, he was a gentleman!

Ever wish you’d trusted your instinct……………..